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Pedigreed Seed Available
Each year we try to grow the latest available pulse crop varieties from the CDC (Crop Development Center) and other crops varieties from SeCan. All of our seed is cleaned to pedigreed standards through our accredited seed establishment. We also offer custom cleaning or colour sorting for your seed.
Seed Treatment
We are currently accepting bookings.
Seed Treating
We are currently accepting bookings.

McDougall Acres

We are the fourth generation working and living on our farm near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Our farm has been in the family since 1917. It has seen many changes. In 1975, the farm was incorporated and became known as McDougall Acres Ltd. In the late 1980's, the farm expanded into pulses - a new crop for our area.  Then we saw the need to become licensed seed growers in the late 1990's.  Read More ยป